Since they met in the Vendée eight years ago, Laure and Vanessa have been waiting for the right moment to join their knowledge and skills and create their own glassblowing studio. LoVa is born from this common aspiration.

Lova, souffleurs de verre à Grésy Sur Aix, Savoie


Laure discovered glass in Sarrebourg, where she began learning the craft of glassblowing. She completed her studies with a Certificate of Arts and Crafts in Moulins.

The urge to become a nurse was forgotten ... For what is natural for Laure is to work with her hands, the art of creating something by herself.

In her childhood she used to visit glassblowing workshops, and was always left in awe of the artisan´s skills as he picked up the hot glass from the furnace, shaped it, made it sing.

It is in Baccarat, the famous city of crystal artwork, that Laure begins her professional career. She handles the crystal and is involved in the production of Cognac decanters and luxury goods.

Her knowledge continues to thrive and grow in Scandinavian workshops, in Denmark and Norway, where she is especially interested in high-pressure sandblasting techniques.

Seduced by northern traditions, Laure is inspired by their sense of design, of shapes, transparencies and color combinations that are specific to them.

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Vanessa royant

Vanessa moved at a very early age towards the crafts. In Alsace she discovered various trades including goldsmithing and wood carving ... In the city of Troyes, she discovered work with flat glass (fusing, thermoforming) and focused on the techniques of cold work (sandblasting, enamel-work).

Vanessa got a degree in glass decoration, then, through apprenticeship, a Professional aptitude Certificate of glassblowing from the school in Vannes le Châtel and the workshop based in les Sables d'Olonne.

The European fund "Leonardo" offered her the opportunity to continue her training in Denmark.

After two years where she gained significant experience, she joined a workshop in Ebeltoft, on the east coast of Denmark, which houses one of the largest museums of European glass.

There she meets her future employer and source of inspiration, with whom she will stay in Norway for four years.

Today, Vanessa strives to design objects that are each time unique, a subtle mixture of diverse techniques and instinctive experience, to imbue each of her creations with its own distinct spirit.

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